Online Map Services

Individual maps

The DCRPC's online maps are offered in two ways. First, subject-specific maps can be accessed with pre-determined features. These include the following:

    Development Pattern (Active Subdivision and Zoning Cases)

    Parks and Trails

    Township and Village Zoning


Overall map

This information is also available in a single Webmap where the user can specify which features appear on the map. The following tutorial images show the available features.


The map automatically opens with the Development Pattern features visible. These can be changed by clicking on "Layers" and turning off the Proposed Subdivisions, Rezoning projects, and Local Proposed Road. These are roads that are approved as part of new preliminary subdivisions. NOTE: some subdivision and zoning files also include a pdf of the development plan. These may be accessed by clicking on "more info" on the pop-up menu. 


Navigating to the Parks and Trails submenu allows access to recreation-related features. These include existing facilities, proposed routes, sidewalks (centerlines of adjacent streets), committed facilities, and existing parks. 


Selecting the Township Zoning submenu allows access to Zoning layers. Each community may be selected individually. Village information will be added soon. 

Other tips: Parcel lines and road names can be added or removed by navigating to the bottom of the Zoning drop-down menu. 

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