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 Official Publications and Resources    Zoning-Related Resources
 2018 DCRPC Subdivision Regulations (current)    Zoning Flowchart (Township)
 Combined Agency Flowchart for Platted Subdivisions    Zoning Flowchart (County)
 Releasing a Platted Easement through the RPC - Memo    List of recent Surveyors/Engineers
 Combined Preliminary/Final Platting Process - Memo    Zoning Districts in Townships (table)
 Waters of the US for Preliminary applications - Memo    Frontage Definitions and Details (table)
     Setbacks and Frontages in Townships (table)
 Common Access Driveway Preliminary Plan - Sample    Political Sign Regulations in Townships (table)
 Common Access Driveway Plat - Sample    Cell Phone Tower language (summary)
 Common Access Driveway Cross Sections - Sample    Residential Facilities Language (summary)
     Resolution Establishing Licensing for Adult Uses (state sample)
     Resolution Prohibiting Crime in Adult Uses (state sample)
 Miscellaneous Projects and Files    County Engineer Links
(external page of County Engineer forms can be found HERE)
 Guide to file a NPA Lot Split    County Engineer's Overall Lot Split Flowchart
 Street Trees Whitepaper    County Engineer's Easement Vacation
Conservation Subdivision Zoning Table  compares conservation codes adopted within Delaware County.    Development Flowchart for Subdivisions, Commercial,
 Multi-Family and Industrial Sites (no direct RPC involvement)
PRD Comparison Table  originally prepared to show how existing zoning resolutions could be used to encourage conservation measures within the Olentangy Watershed south of Delaware.    Development Flowchart where a PLAT is involved
Other Documents    
OEEF Watershed Materials    
DCRPC Bylaws    
DCRPC Basics (ORC authority, meetings, operation details)    




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